Justin Parlette

Improviser, Writer, Time Traveler


Uncle Bobo • Producer, Ensemble • 100+ shows Throughout Chicagoland

Lucky: A Musical • Dad, Ensemble • Donny’s Skybox @ Second City

A Jury of Your Fears • Ensemble • Donny's Skybox @ Second City

Clinical Hysteria • Ensemble • The Cornservatory

TGIF’d • Producer, Ensemble • The Cornservatory

Blender • Writer, Ensemble • Judy's Beat Lounge at Second City

Seasonal Ineffective Disorder • Writer, Ensemble • Second City Conservatory

Deep Cuts • Writer, Ensemble • Blackout Cabaret at Second City

Spork • Writer, Ensemble • Blackout Cabaret at Second City

Fustercluck • Writer, Ensemble • Laugh Out Loud Theater

Instant Movie • Writer, Ensemble • Laugh Out Loud Theater

Secret Origins • Producer, Ensemble • Stage 773, Theater for the New City

Chicago PDMDFire • Ensemble • Under the Gun Theater

Mrs. New Jersey • Ensemble • The Crowd Theater

Delaware River • Ensemble • The Annoyance Theater

Final Answers! • Ensemble • Donny's Skybox at Second City

The Masks We Wear • Ensemble • Donny’s Skybox Skybox at Second City

Bearded Devitos • Ensemble • Donn'y Skybox at Second City, Stage 773, UP! Comedy Club

Old Town Funk • Ensemble • Donny's Skybox at Second City

A Christmas Carol • Ebenezer Scrooge • Pauline Joyce Theater

Winnie the Pooh • Winnie the Pooh • Touring Production

Variations on the Death of Trotsky • Trotsky • Stuffed Buffalo Productions


Alleged Allegations Web Series • Brad, Reporter • Harold Ramis Film School

The Art of Slow Comedy Video Lessons • Series Regular • Corrano Bros Productions

Bosie Paper • Stan the Office Manager (Voice Over) • AKA Media, INC.

Dead Wait • Zombie Victim • Happy Underground Productions

training and Skills


Second City Conservatory • Graduate

Second City Training Center • Improv, Acting, Writing, Advanced Techniques for Character Creation

iO Chicago • Improv, Comedy Writing Program, Directing, Meisner Workshop

The Annoyance • Improv, Advanced Improv, Storytelling, Finding Your Solo Voice

Justin has trained under Anne Libera, Anthony Leblanc, Asher Perlman, Bob Fisher, Craig Uhlir, Jimmy Carrane, Michael McCarthy, Mick Napier, Mike Gifford, Norm Holly, Rachael Mason, Seth Thomas, and Susan Messing

University of Kansas, B.S. in Political Science with a minor in broadcasting

Skills • Apple certified technician, pop art collector, public policy analyst, project management, audiophile, prize-winning karaoke “singer,” emerging technology specialist, 14 years in radio broadcasting, marketing/promotion, filmmaking, panelist speaker at SDCC 2010 on crowdsourcing funding for web series, fantastic go-kart driver.

Justin Parlette

Justin Parlette

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