Justin Parlette

Improviser, Writer, Time Traveler

Justin was born in a small western Kansas town sometime during the tail end of the Cold War. He attributes his neurosis and devil-may-care comedic attitude to being the last generation to learn how to "duck and cover" when the big one drops. "What, a desk is going to shield me? Even for Kansas, that's a scientific reach."

Justin started working in radio in middle school when he convinced his father nepotism wasn't such a dirty word. He spent a total of 14 years working in the industry, eventually winning recognition from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters for his production and copywriting skills. Breaking from broadcast, Justin studied politics at the University of Kansas and Washburn University before the realities of working in a representative democracy where businesses had civil rights led him to work for Apple as a Genius, back when Steve Jobs was alive and the word "genius" still carried some weight.

He found his way to Chicago where after being told numerous times to sign up for comedy classes he finally enrolled in an improv class at the world-famous Second City. It caught fire that same day, nearly burning to the ground.

Justin can be seen around Chicago playing with Uncle Bobo (an improv team his nephew named), in various sketch and improv shows, performing stand up, and generally being overcommitted. Justin performed over 110 shows in 2017, and most of them were pretty good.

A graduate of Second City’s Conservatory and The Annoyance training center, Justin has also trained at iO and went to college for a useless degree in political science. He does not regret that expenditure of time and money. Follow along with his misadventures at www.justinparlette.com and on Twitter/Instagram, where he mostly posts about his cats.

Justin lives in Chicago and Los Angeles with his wife and their socially acceptable number of cats.